Hindsdale, IL | Private Residence

Our team frequently works with families to make dramatic changes to their living spaces. This client in Hindsdale was no exception, with a beautiful home that featured unique Brazilian cherry wood flooring on the main floor of the home. However, many other areas of the home were finished with carpeting, and the owners wanted to carry the richness of the cherry wood throughout the other areas of their home. The Walczak team began this large project by working with the client to refinish the existing 3” floors using custom colors and finishes.

We then removed the carpet in other areas of the home, and laid new Brazilian cherry to match the main floor. This included the master bedroom, the master walk-in closet, the lower-level guest suite, and the threads of their existing red oak staircase. Once completed, our team finished (or refinished) all of the remaining floor surfaces, including the master bedroom, master closet, upstairs hallways (existing red oak), lower level guest suite and the staircase (existing red oak with new Brazilian cherry threads) to flawlessly match the main floor’s dramatic Brazilian cherry impact.

Species: Brazilian cherry – 3”

Size: 3” + existing 2-1/4 red oak

Color: Custom Brazilian cherry throughout

Finish: Satin