Hindsdale, IL | Private Residence – In home gymnasium

The Walczak team has the experience to create any wood floored space our clients can possibly imagine. In addition to traditional kitchen and home hardwood flooring, our team is also well versed in creating in-home, hardwood gym and athletic spaces, including thie custom, half-court basketball court for our client’s family and children. Once the space was prepped, our team installed professional grade rubber cushion to ensure a balanced playing surface, than added, 2 layers of plywood (1/2 inch) laid in a diagonal pattern. With the supporting systems in place, we laid the first-grade maple basketball court floor.

Like the rest of this unique custom space, we created a unique (4 color) custom stain for the floors, before adding the court lines and a poly finish for long-term durability. The result was a stunning in home half-court basketball court and gymnasium that is a highlight of their home.

Species: maple (first grad)

Size: 3-1/4 (first grade maple basketball court standard)

Color: Custom color stain, plus painted lines and multiple polyurethane coats for durability.

Finish: Poly finish over stain and painted lines